So Blessed!/ Lake City,FL Senior Portraits Photographer/Jacksonville,FL Baby Photographer

Jacksonville,FL Family PhotographySo, I tried to start this blog last night, but due to illnesses I was unable. Strep has been plowing through my family this week (a whole week trapped inside the house! Ahhhh!), but Praise God by 5pm today we will all be no longer contagious and feeling much better. While trying to take care of my little girls, I still booked my first Senior Portrait Session as well as got a referral from one of my FAVE wedding photographers (I LOVE looking at every photo she posts) for a baby shoot! As a photographer, getting a referral from a photographer who you know is talented makes you feel more validated in your own talent.

North Central Florida, Engagement Photographer I think “I can’t be too bad if she recommened me right?” I am 100% my own worst critic. I can find a flaw with every photo I take and I always worry (even when I think the shoot went well) that the client will not be happy. So when clients recommend me to other people I take that as the highest compliment! Not only were they happy with their shoot, but they were happy enough to tell others!

White Springs,FL Family PhotographerThe Photography business as a whole is a “word of mouth” business, so the more happy clients you have, the more potential new clients you will reach. I feel blessed that God gave me enough talent (I still have lots to work on & learn, though I think most photographers feel that way) that people enjoy my work. Maybe almost as much as I enjoy taking the pictures!

St. Augustine,FL Family Photographer


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