One Year of Photography/ Lake City, FL Newborn Photographer/Jacksonville,FL Newborn Photographer/Lake Butler,FL Newborn Photographer/Live Oak,FL Newborn Photographer

So about this time last year, I  after talking to many friends and family members, decided to start Melody Coarsey Photography. Over the last year I learned ALOT (that is an understatement). My very first shoot as a “professional” was a newborn shoot for a friend. I fell in love with my job & was determined to grow from there. Today, I am getting ready for a newborn shoot I have next Tuesday. I have MANY more props, background stand, backgrounds, lighting, know how to use my camera in manual & use strictly Photoshop for post processing (I know many photogs cringe to think I didn’t use manual mode or Photoshop at the beginning. What can I say? I was new, didn’t know better & look at those pictures now and can’t believe it.).

In the following sequence of pictures the “before” pictures are from that first shoot. Edited kinda (not in Photoshop), the dad was holding the blanket, he was laying on a boppy & luckily they had great lighting in that room (otherwise, the camera’s flash). The “after” are editing in Photoshop using the actions I have as well as a few other touch up tecnhiques. North Central Florida Newborn PhotographyLake City,FL Newborn PhotographyJacksonville,FL Newborn Photography

I can hardly contain my excitment for my newborn photoshoot next Tuesday! I have so many ideas, can’t wait to use my 50mm 1.8 on a newborn as well as all my props! It really does amaze me at how much you can grow in a year. Takes work & practice, but in the end it is 100% worth it.


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