Family/Lake City,FL Photographer/ Jacksonville,FL Photographer/Lake Butler,FL Photographer/Brandford,FL Photographer/Live Oak,FL Photographer

Lake City,FL Family PhotographerFor the Saturday of the holiday weekend, I wanted to focus on Families. I love my family and enjoying spending time with them. That being said, since I am the photographer I am never in our family photos. I know it is the same for many other mothers (or fathers) who is the “photographer” for their family. That’s why it is important to have a family photographer you know & trust. The more your family works with the photographer the more they get to know you, your family and the best way to photograph you. Family pictures are meant to showcase your family. Not pose you in ways that seem unnatural or do not show your family as they truly are. Jacksonville,FL Family Photographer


Is your family fun & full of energy? Then you should have high energy, outdoor, maybe even offbeat location shots. Are you a “punk rock/skateboarding” kinda of family? In Lake City the graffitti wall or even the skate park in Alachua would be great places to shoot you & your style.Lake City,FL Photographer


In the end, the photo, location, posing (or lack their of) should show the best side of your family. Desccribe you and fit you perfectly. It is important to consider a photographer’s style when choosing one. Do they shoot alot of studio syle portraits? (Olan Mills esque?), yet your family LOVES to be outdoors? Than that is probably not a good fit. You want your photos 20 or 30 years from now to completely incapture your family, and the love within.  Jacksonville,FL Photographer


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