What~to~Wear :: Senior Portraits/Lake City,FL Senior Portraits/Lake Butler,FL Senior Portraits/Live Oak,FL Senior Portraits/Brandford,FL Senior Portraits

As I just finished my first Senior portrait session Monday (& fell in LOVE with them), I decided whether I do your pictures or not, to provide a helpful blog for all the Seniors out there getting ready for their Senior pictures. What to wear?????

1) Remember, the goal of your Senior Portrait is to make you look your best.  Really great portraits require careful planning.   The clothing you choose will greatly affect the success of your portrait session.   The easiest way to
accomplish this is to make sure your clothing does not distract the viewer’s attention away from you.

2) Variety is extremely important. Bring atleast one dressy outfit, a suit and tie for the guys and a dress for the women.
Bring several casual outfits, as well as any special things like sports, band or cheerleader uniforms, hats, jackets, turn-out suits for firefighters, sports equipment, musical instruments, car or motorcycle.

3) Simple garments with sleeves in medium to dark tones are best for indoor portraits on a dark background. Earth tones
work especially well for outdoor portraits.

4) Sleeves are very important in most cases. Bare arms can distract attention away from your face.

5) Bold stripes, checks and patterns do not photograph well and should be avoided.
Turtle neck and V-necked garments are flattering provided they are not exaggerated.

6) Shoes and stockings should be coordinated with the rest of your outfit, to keep with the visual intent of the portraits, for full length photographs.

7) Men should have their hair cut, not LESS than, one week before the session.

8)Women should be photographed whenever they are happiest with their hair in relation to the time it is styled. It is not a good idea to try a “new” hair style for your portrait session

Lake Butler,FL Senior Portraits9) MOST IMPORTANTLY HAVE FUN! The pictures are all about you & who YOU are! Having fun is the best way to ensure you are staying true to you. 🙂



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