The Martin Family~Carter is 1!/Jacksonville,FL Photographer/Lake City,FL Photographer/Jacksonville,FL Family Photographer

Yesterday morning I had the honor of once again doing a shoot for the Martin Family. Their youngest is 1 years old now (time flies!) and I had the honor of photographing him throughout the past year with his family. His mom and I are friends and our oldest children have been having playdates since before they were 2 & before I was a photographer. Still, I feel honored when my friends not only let me take their family photos, but keep returning to me, refer me to their friends & family & support me! After all, you can allow a friend to do your photos once to be nice, but if you don’t like how they turned out, you probably won’t do it again. We had lots of fun, even though the location had to change due to rain. I had never done photos at this particular beach, but even without the props I brought there was enough there for great photos. I will definately go back. 🙂

Earlier today, I shared a post another photographer did on the importance of Family portraits. I DO NOT get enough family pictures for sure (I am excited to be getting some done next month), and I understand as a mom how pictures of the whole family, not just your children, can get pushed aside. But these are the photos you cherish all of your life. And your children, as adults, can look back on, see the love, remember the love (if like in my case one of the parents is no longer with you) and show their children. Portraits since the dark ages have been an important part of each family’s history. Aren’t we glad you only need your children to behave for a second to capture that smile on DSLR rather than 3-4 hours for the artist to sketch everyone as you stand perfectly still? 🙂Lake City,FL Family Photographer


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