Fan Photo Wednesday!/Lake City,FL Photographer/Jacksonville,FL Photographer/Live Oak,FL Photographer

It’s Fan Photo Wednesday again! So it’s time for me to edit a photo from a fan (they took) and show you the befores/afters. This week’s photo is a beautiful, blue eyed baby girl. Obviously, the photo is dark & there’s some sun glare. Sun glare isn’t all bad. When intentional it can make for some awesome photos, but this time, it added a rough spot.

First, I adjusted my levels to brighten the background, without making it too bright (as with sunny spots it can easily take over). Then, I copied it into a new layer and lightened the entire photo. I erased the bacground as at that point I only wanted the little girl to be lighter.  Then, I selected her clothes and headband and made them more vibrant & used the “stamp tool” in photoshop to get rid of the sun spot (This tool can do some great things, but in some instances you can definately tell it was used so you have to be selective). I softened her skin using an action I have and brightened her eyes a little (they didn’t need much).  Lake City,FL Photo Editing

Trying to make the Sun glare on her arms, etc.. work in my favor I used another action to give the photo a more vintage look (Yes, I know, I am LOVING vintage photos…you will see how much when I do Kylie’s 2nd Birthday shoot!)

Lake City,FL Photo Editing


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