Fan Photo Wednesday!/Lake City,FL Photographer/Live Oak,FL Photographer/Lake Butler,FL Photographer

It’s Fan Photo Wednesday! This week I actually have 3 afters to show you. 🙂 So here is the original image:

I then, lightened it some, took a little of the red out of his face, took the red out of his eyes, & brightened the blue in the water a bit to where I got here:

Then, as always after the basic editing above, I try some of the many actions I have. The action used here is one of my faves and it just makes the photo pop a little more.

Then, I did run a Vintage action and it ended up reminding me of the old beach photos from the 1960’s.

Which totally makes me think if I could find an old “Woody” & some surf boards, I could do a great themed beach session. 🙂 Thank you again to tall of you! Next week will be crazy for me & the week after I am on vacation, so if you are wanting a photo edited for Fan Photo Wednesdays please send it to me soon, so I can get it done & the blog ready in advance. Thank you to all of you for blessing me so with your business, friendship and support.


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