Fan Photo Wednesday!/Lake City,FL Photographer/Live Oak,FL Photographer/Lake Butler,FL Photographer/Jacksonville,FL Photographer

It’s Fan Photo Wednesday! Though I’m swamped this week editing wedding photos, getting ready for my daughter’s 2nd birthday & packing for vacation, I wanted to post these photos! This week, the photos come from a high school friend of mine. One who when writing notes (not texting/emails back then) we referred to each other with “nun like” names. Wow, the things you do. 🙂 She has two beautiful girls now & I am honored to be able to edit this photo for her.

As always, first, I lighten the photo, adjusting the levels, soften the skin & take any red out & edit the eyes. Then I adjusted the curves to get the light more like I wanted it & added a little more vibrance for the colors.

Then as always, after basic editing I try some of the actions I have & edit them accordingly to a look that I like. This one warms up the photo some and adds a little color pop.


Lastly, because I’m addicted to it…I added a bit of a vintage touch. 


That’s it! If you are wanting a photo edited (& emailed to you) for Fan Photo Wednesday email me at:  I will be out of town next week, so if you are wanting a photo edited email me today! Otherwise, it will be two weeks. 🙂 Take care & God Bless!


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