Blessed/Lake City,FL Photographer/Live Oak,FL Photographer/Branford,FL Photographer/Lake Butler,FL Photographer

As some of you know, our family is in a hard situation. When there is a death in the family it brings stress of course, but often it also helps us appreciate those who are still with us. I have been working on improving my editing skills so my photos look even better. I of course, start any tutorial on photos of my own children & nephew. As I was working on these, i decided to take a moment not only to remind everyone how precious our time is with our loved ones,but also how fast time flies. Lake City,FL Photographer

And just one to show the before and after of eye edits…a slight difference. If I had my hard drive I would post one from when I first started & you would REALLY see how much I have come. Lol. The one on the left is the one I had edited prior to learning the new technique. The one on the right, is after…eyes only. Just adds a subtle pop I think. 🙂 If you’re not learning & improving, you need to change careers. 


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