What To Wear- Fall Photos/Lake City,FL Photographer/Branford,FL Photographer/Live Oak, FL Photographer

A question many wonder prior to a photo shoot is “what do I wear??”. There are a few things to consider when answering this question. First, is make sure you choose clothes that represent you & your family. Match your clothes to your family style or personalities to make sure the portrait always represents you.

Other ideas to keep in mind:

Colors~ I love to see Greens, blues, blacks & turquoise as base colors.  You can always accent with more dominant colors like Pink or Red but don’t use them as a main color they become too dominant & take away focus from the subjects face.  Try to stay away from yellow unless using it as an accent color. One of my favorite color schemes for the fall is brown, orange, tan & maybe a hint of maroon.

Color contrast~ Don’t wear colors that will wash your face out.  If you wear a color that is too much like your skin tone you wont be as defined.  Try & stick with lighter or darker tones to give a good contrast between your skin color & you clothing.  Wearing all white or cream is one of my favorites, but it only works if there is a good contrast between skin color.  If you have olive skin color or a darker complexion white just may be a great fit for you.  You can always add other colors as accent colors if you want as well.

Matching~ You don’t have to be perfectly matching, in fact I prefer you aren’t.  Looking like you belong together is much more important than making sure every is matching.  Try keeping with a few colors (2 no more than 4- I typically recommend using 3 colors) that go well together & make sure the tones you choose look good together.

Have a wonderful Thursday & wishing amazing Fall family portraits to all!



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