“I am Thankful….”/Lake City Family Photographer/Branford Family Photographer/Live Oak Family Photographer

November always gets people thinking about all the things they are thankful for. Me? I am thankful for; a loving & supportive husband, two healthy, beautiful girls, my family, my friends, my clients (SO thankful for all of you….see below), a loving & forgiving God, and the little things. A warm house, comfortable bed & food on the table.

I wanted to express my thanks to all of you in a special way. So, For the month of November my referral coupons are increasing as well as a blanket discount for all bookings for 2012 (as, I am booked for 2011 & VERY thankful).

*NEW SESSIONS (non-referrals) booked for 2012 (anytime in 2012) get $10 off their session {this does exclude those already booked from the “500 Fan” appreciation…I appreciate you guys alot)

*ANY REFERRAL for a regular session gets $15 off coupon AND the new session (i.e. your friend or family member) gets $15 off their session.

*REFERRALS FOR NEWBORN SESSIONS get a $20 off coupon AND your friend gets $20 off their newborn session.

*REFERRALS FOR SENIOR PORTRAITS and BABY’S FIRST YEAR SESSIONS get $25 off coupon AND your friend gets $25 off.

What does this mean? Well, as depending on the session I welcome a certain amount of discounts. For regular sessions, I accept up to $60 off their session. So, you refer enough people & your family session will cost you $15. For a newborn session, I accept $80 off. Refer enough friends, and your newborn session (including a CD) costs you $100. Senior Portraits I accept up to $90 off and for Baby’s First Year up to $100. See how you can save by telling your friends??

ALSO, during the month of November all Gift Cards Sold will be sold for 20% off. So, you can buy a card for a friend (or yourself) and pay LESS than what it is worth. Feel the love???? ❤

What’s a blog post without a photo, so here’s another pic at my girls & all their silliness. ❤

Lake City,FL Family Photographer


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