{Then & Now…..A Look at 2011} | Lake City, FL Photographer | Lake City, FL Newborn Photographer | Lake City, FL Maternity Photographer | Lake City, FL Portrait Photographer

Jacksonville, FL Family PhotographerI cannot believe 2011 is almost over! It has been a whirlwind of a year. Last January, though I had started my business in Fall 2010, I still hadn’t fine tuned it all…..I was still (am still) working on a business plan, bettering my skills, finding my personal style & hoping that I would be able to help capture the precious moments in Life for families in 2011 (& yes, make a little extra money for my family at the same time). Who knew that by November 2011 I would be having weekends filled with 13 sessions! I am overwhelmed by the support of my clients & fans. As January 2012 is already almost full, and sessions scheduled throughout 2012, I know 2012 holds many amazing things!

Jacksonville, FL Newborn Photographer

Often, when someone “decides” to become a photographer they pick up a camera, over edit photos & call themselves a business (yes, in 2010 I SOOOO did that). By 2011 I had figured out I can’t use free editing software and expect my photos to look professional, and had began reading, studing & do whatever I could to learn how to take better photos. By the Spring, I finally went fully manual (why did it take so long???) and never looked back. I think by August I finally found my style & have LOVED every session since. Do I still need to work to better myself? Yes. Am I planning on trying to do a workshop or two in 2012? Yes. I also plan on reading, practicing & do all I can to better my art, so I can provide better & consistent photos to my clients. Lake City, FL Photographer

I realized while doing these comparisons, one family’s “Baby’s First Year” album will basically show the growth of my abilties & talents. 🙂 I LOVED each of the photos when they were taken (& still do). I am just wanting to show the way I have grown, changed & improved. White Springs, FL Family Photographer

I cannot thank each of you enough (I’ve said this alot lately in my blogs I know, but hey you know I’m thankful)! I am looking forward to amazing 2012 with all of my amazing clients!!!!!! Jacksonville, FL Maternity Photographer




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