{It’s a Beautiful Life} | Lake City, FL Family Photographer | Lake City, FL Child Portraits

I was reading the blog of another photographer who had lots of photos of her daughter, just in life. Playing, eating ice cream, going on a walk, the little parts of everyday life. I realized I needed to challange myself. So, starting today I am going to photograph my girls everyday. Doing the mundane real life activities, staged sessions, vacations, whatever. This time is precious. I need to cherish it. I need to document it. And I am sharing it with you. Maybe some of you to do the same. Or at least entertain some of you with photos of my girls as they grow & we live this adventure of life. This is also a chance for me to work on my skills. Shooting inside, outside at noon, not waiting for the “golden hour” to capture my girls. Capturing them now. As they are. ❤Portraits of LifeLake City, FL Family Photographer

Basically, knowing I am to post them here, helps me be more responsible for taking the photos. I know, when they are 18 & 20, I will not regret capturing them at the precious ages of 2 & 4. 🙂  Lake City, FL Family Photographer


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