{It’s a Beautiful Life} | Lake City, FL Family Photographer

So, I kinda decided on Tuesdays, will be “Beautiful Life” blogs. Meaning, all of you get a snapshot into my life with my girls. Double trouble they are, but I love them. ❤ The bottom is roughly how our table looks everyday. My oldest LOVES stickers. That’s saying it mild as she kinda has an obsession. But, give her 300 stickers & she will happily do them for hours (which is great at hotels). My youngest I think just likes being messy. If she is painting, coloring, whatever its not long before she has drawn on herself. Yesterday, she spent the day looking like the joker as she had used 3 different colored markers as lipstick. Gotta love her. Yes, I have stickers stuck to the  floor, find them on walls, etc.. (so far no artistic inclinations in paint or marker on the walls, but I’m sure it will happen), but I like that my girls like doing crafts. I enjoy crafts. And as they get older I know it can be something we can share together. Which is always the best. ❤

Lake City, FL Children Portraits

Lake City Family Photographer


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