{A Note on Memories….where to save them, so they are safe!} Lake City, FL Family Photographer | Lake City, FL Portrait Photographer

So, Sunday when I was planning this blog, or my blogs for the week to be exact (I am TRYING to blog everyday, really I am), I knew today I would post photos of my girls from our hiking trip on Saturday at a gorgeous park near us. We are trying to hike as a family more often & just do family things more often. On weekends I tend to be doing photos (of course), so our family time is limited, weeknights I do photos, or we have meals with my mom & sister, or Dr’s appts, vet appt’s, hair appt’s, etc….. so our family time is short even then. So, I decided & my hubby agreed we need more family time. I don’t want all my girls’ memories of this time being mom & dad working & watching TV. Granted the past few weeks with Kylie’s knee (still not walking, but making progress), then a stomach virus hitting the girls, than a random fever on Cayden, things have been rough & we had to stay home & the sick on wanted to watch TV, so the well one got to as well. I am not anti-TV. I love TV, but as I watch Curious George I think, he goes out, explores, learns, everyday, my girls do nothing (I also think, if he was a real kid the man in the yellow hat would be arrested for neglect, but not my point. I do have one I swear).

When we do these family activities I take my camera. Almost always. As I want to capture my girls, our family, exploring nature, having fun. I did this last Saturday, and when my computer would not work this am & DELL told me it needed a new motherboard (as soon as my hubby came home it magically came on & has worked ever since…Murphy’s Law right?), one of my first thoughts after, “but I have so much to do!” was, “What about the pictures from Saturday? What about the Valentine’s session I did with them??” I had uploaded them onto the main drive of the computer & formatted my card for the Senior session I had on Sunday. I thought at that moment, these prints I had ordered, was all I was going to have of those photos. memories

But as I said, it is now working & I was able to get, save (& backup on an external drive all my business photos are on, which I will not move as my hubby had once suggested) all the photos from Saturday. Those memories. Caught on camera. I have again. So, my advice? Keep your photos on an external drive. Even if you keep them all on Shutterfly or where ever also keep them on an external drive. Want to be EXTRA cautious with your memories? Make CDs of the files every now & then. Sure, you may end up with boxes & boxes of photo CDs, but you will always have those memories, caught on camera, to cherish always.

*These images are all SOOC. No edits.

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