{It’s the Little Things……..} | Lake City, FL Photographer | Lake City, FL Family Photographer

So, this past weekend I got to go away with my girls for a much needed, MOMcation. Beach house, seafood, GORGEOUS views & a hot tub, who needs more? Needless to say it was a wonderful weekend. Though looking at all the beauty actually made me miss my family more as I wanted to share it with them. Which I think is the point of getting away. It always brings you back to what means the most to you. Not all the little stresses, temper tantrums, dirty house, etc…. but my family. An amazing hubby & two beautiful girls. It’s always the little things that remind me most how blessed I am.

I tried my hand at “landscape” photography taking photos of the sunrise & sunset, but the photos do not do it justice. Gorgeous.

*I chose to leave all images SOOC. I, again, am not a landscape photographer, but I loved my sunset photos. ❤

Sunrise in Destin- Lake City, FL Photographer


The rest are all Sunset…taken on the same night as I watched the sun lower into the gulf. Oh how I love Sunsets over the water!!!!

SunsetSunset- Lake City, FL Photographer


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