{It’s a Beautiful Life……like life, nothing has to be perfect all the time} | Lake City, FL Family Photographer | North Central Florida Family Photographer

So, this past weekend while with my friends we of course talked about life with kids. How things have changed, what’s hard, what’s harder. Venting, laughing, joking & enjoying being with friends. While we were venting over issues we were having, a light bulb went off in my own head.  Life doesn’t have to be Perfect. How freeing is that thought? We all strive for perfection.  In many ways, especially before children I was a perfectionist. Clothes had an order, I knew where each item was placed on the tables or dressers in my house, cleaned every Saturday (whether it needed it or not) & constantly worried about what others thought.

After having children this feeling only grows. You compare yourself to other moms. “How can they handle it all?”, “I am not as good a mom as she is?”, ” Look what my child is wearing, what are people going to think? Look what I am wearing??”,  “My house has to be cleaned so that no one thinks I am a bad housekeeper”, any food made for others has to be cooked perfect, follow the books, read blogs, magazines, clean constantly, every minute, of every day productive. After all, we are stay at home moms & we need to make sure others don’t think we are sitting around watching TV all day (yes, my children watch too much TV, I am a bad mom.). As they enter school, sports, dance, etc… it only gets worse. Who has the best gift for the teacher? Who has the best Valentine (thanks Pintrest for even making that worse)? Who has the cutest school clothes? The list goes on, and on, and on.  But in the end, are our kids any better for it?

So, we are all SuperMOM! Hooray for us. But do our kids care if there are dishes in the sink or would they rather us play with them? Younger kids don’t even care what they are wearing, or we are wearing, or anything. If they are fed, you are playing with them (or took them somewhere to play with others) & they know they are loved, they are happy.

That’s all kids need. To know they are loved & safe. Yes, as moms we need to be their biggest fans, cheer them on, encourage their interests & abilities, make learning fun, keep them active, feed them healthy food (most of the time) & spend time with them. So, from this week on, I am trying to do just that. Your emails may be answered as quickly because I am involved in a tea party. Or editing may take an extra day or two because instead of putting a movie on so I can edit, I choose to take my kids to the park. I choose to follow the advice that a child just needs to know they are cherished. I cherish mine. I know all of you cherish yours. So, let go. Stop competing with each other & love on your kids. Play with your kids. Fill their minds with memories of mom being fun, not working, mom playing hide & seek, not cleaning the house (yes all that has to get done, but as quickly as possible so you can get back to your kids). Make sure to remind them everyday you love them & they are cherished.

The greatest gift you can ever give them (or anyone) is the gift of your time. ❤ ❤

Thanks for listening (or reading) my rambling, this is more to myself, but hey, why not share? 🙂


P.S. These photos are not perfect. But to me the children in them are.

North Central Florida Photographer


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