{What to Wear Wednesday……Senior Girls :: Urban Setting} | Lake City, FL Senior Portrait Photographer | North Central Florida Senior Portrait Photographer

So, I decided to bite the bullet & do it. Start a “What to Wear” Wednesday. This means, I will search popular, yet cost effective sites & stores for outfits for different types of sessions (family, Seniors, etc…). I will also base the choices on the different locations I tend to do photos. Which oddly enough, is either field/woods/old barn like areas or an Urban/downtown feel. Probably because around here, that’s what we have. Gorgeous outdoor fields with tall grasses or beautiful trees, woods, etc… as well as some areas & old urban buildings (which you probably never looked at twice before) that make wonderful backgrounds.

These weeks focus is in an Urban or downtown setting. This can even be a dilapidated business in the middle of no where. If it’s made of bricks or concrete, it’s more Urban than country. Here are a few ideas for what to wear. All of these are from Forever 21, but similar styles can be found everywhere. It’s not the EXACT outfit (you want to make sure the clothes fit the person wearing them), but the feel, color combinations, a little of the style that makes it. What to Wear Wednesday ~ Senior Girls ~ Lake City, FL Senior Portrait Photographer


This next one I found is fun. If you have a funky style or funky side, SHOW IT! I was kinda surprised (having grown up in the 80’s) this style is making a comeback. 🙂

Lake City, FL Senior Portrait Photographer, What to Wear


Next week will be for the boys, then probably family style & so on. A little for everyone! ❤ Thank you all!




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