{A Baby’s First Year Baby turns 1} The F Family | St. Augustine, FL Family Photographer

When I started my “Baby’s First Year” plan last year, this was my first family to sign up. I had done their maternity & newborn photos and looking at all their photos (as I am doing to make their album), is liking watching a Facebook Timeline of my growth as a photographer. And they stuck with me! To the F Family I give a BIG thanks!!! Their baby boy has always had captivating eyes & full of personality, even if he skipped his nap on this particular day, we made it work. 🙂 On the way to their house I realized something, we had not done Lifestyle Photos. For those who do not know what lifestyle photos are, it’s basically, me (or any photographer) taking photos of your baby & family  AT YOUR HOUSE. Their first home, the home they came to after being born. Photos of their nursery, favorite toys, favorite books, etc.. it’s relaxed, easy & I am definitely recommending them to all “Baby’s First Year” babies for one session to be at home.  ❤ We also did photos at the clubhouse near their home, which just has many awesome areas (not to mention an awesome pool & splash area, seriously I could move there).

It’s kinda sad to see my first “Baby’s First Year” baby turn one. But at least I get to work on his album for the next couple of days. 🙂

xoxoLake City, FL Family Photographer



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