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Ok. So last week, while playing with my girls (I am SOOOO trying to do this more when we are at the house. I tend to allow them to play happily, then I work, which isn’t right, but enough rambling), I decided to capture a few photos of them. Then I looked around & realized I had no photos of their room. None. Zero. Zilch. So, when they got older I would  have no way to reminding or showing them different aspects of their room at this age. So, since my camera was already in my hand, snapped away. These are the photos attached to this post. Which only cements why I’m getting more & more excited (& wanting to do) lifestyle photos. For babies, families, etc… 3 months old is the perfect age, as they are not crawling, a little too big for many of the props (with cushions), can’t sit on their own in them & it can be hard. Lifestyle photos would be easy. Their crib, mom & dad’s bed, etc…. family spaces, playtime, family time, togetherness. For families with older kids this would be a perfect way to bring your families traditions & interests to the table. Your family BIG on a game night? Schedule your family session on Game Night. A family of cooks? Definitely do some kitchen, cooking/baking photos & so on….

Enough of that though, like last week, this week’s post is a little of a mental pick me up for myself. (I should maybe entitle these “Tuesday’s Letters to Me” or something….) I read an AWESOME article on “Why ALL Parents are Better than You” (check it out here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/josette-crosby-plank/french-parents-better_b_1281984.html) & it got me thinking. Again, yes along the lines of super mom, but also along the lines of the fact that I think it’s easier when your “harder” child comes first. With Cayden I felt like a great mom. I spent lots of time reading, doing crafts, talking about letters, numbers, etc… taught her sign language all those wonderful things I was supposed to do, right? With Kylie….not so much. Partly because it’s harder with two, partly because Kylie can’t be trusted. Take today for instance. I have to return one email & gave in & gave her my phone to play with, complete with toddler friendly apps. Then I get an email, notifying me of my purchase for an $3.99 upgrade to a game. Awesome. Cayden would’ve gotten to a new screen & asked for help. Later, Kylie wanted to paint. I love crafts, so I always go with this, set her up, we talked about not pouring the water out (learned from past experiences), all the rules, put a smock on her, etc… I went to the restroom. Came out to hear her calling from upstairs, “Mommy, I need a bath”. As I go to walk up the stairs I follow all the lovely redish hand prints going up the stairs on the carpet to the bathtub…………Amazing. Cayden always stood at the doorway from the room she was painting screaming “mommy I’m done”, so I could clean her off. These are only 2 of the crazy things she does. If my first had been harder I would’ve been ready. On guard, expecting the same tricks, but instead sadly, I do kinda expect (though, I really should know better) her to be more like Cayden…..& she’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not.

Have you read, “Love you Forever”? It’s a children’s book about a mom & her son as a baby, then toddler, then 8 year old, etc…. where she has all these things but every night as the child slept she would sing to them “I love you forever, I like you for always, as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.” I think ALL stay at home or work at home moms (can’t speak for work out of home moms, sorry, but it may be the same there too), by the time the children are asleep, you kinda forget what all they have done that day to frustrate you & just remember how much you love them. So, after Cayden told me she didn’t love me today (in time out for pushing Kylie) and Kylie hit me (I wouldn’t give in to her demands) that song goes through my head & actually helps me stay calm. It’s weird, but it does. “This too shall pass” right? When it does, I will still love my girls. They will still do things, albeit different, to frustrate me & life will go on. SO, all of you who get frustrated like me & wonder “Why did God give me children? I am awful at this! I will ruin them!”, FEAR NOT! We all feel that way at one point or another. We all feel like a failure.  But we are not. We are moms. Not perfect, trying our best, doing our best & loving our kids. And in the end, that’s all that matters. So ignore the dirty clothes my girls are in, they painted, they played & I refuse to change their clothes 4 times a day if it’s not necessary. 🙂 ❤



Lake City, FL Family Photographer



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