{What to Wear Wednesdays! ~ for the fellas} | Lake City, FL Senior Portrait Photographer | Lake City, FL Family Photographer

Happy Wednesday! Middle of the week already! Today, I’m talking about what the guys wear. Often, they don’t care as much & wear what their moms or wives or whoever tell them. But, here are some good ideas for Seniors and a few for everyone. 🙂  The first pic, I didn’t pull any jeans photos because, well their jeans. Wear your style, what fits you best. Jeans are easy. There’s a couple examples of t-shirts that can work for a relaxed casual session as well as button down shirts for a more dressed up look. Obviously, you can even where the tshirt under the button down for another twist. Really guys, you have it easy. 🙂   Sunglasses, hats, anything that you wear that shows your personality & style can be used. Maybe you wear them, maybe as a prop, but it can be incorporated.  Now, I normally say no vertical stripes, BUT the exception is when the stripes are various sizes…when all the lines are one size & the same pattern things can look a little crazy………

What to Wear for boys/men

The second has a few more outfits, including shorts & flip flops. A senior session you bring your style into the photo. A family session you do have to coordinate with others, but you can still express yourself. No longer is the acceptable for everyone to match exactly. The goal is for a group photo to “mesh” & flow. The colors to work together as well as with their environment. The first outfit below can easily be worn by a dad who’s up on the trends. Again I say, guys you have it easy. 🙂

Senior Style for boys

That’s it for this week. Thank you all again!




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