{Birthday Parties are like weddings….it’s all in the details} | Branford, FL Lifestyle Photographer | Lake City, Fl Family Photographer | Lake City, FL Child Portraits | Branford, FL Child Portraits

Ever since my first, “1st Birthday Party” that I did as a “job”, I always go into birthdays like a wedding. No, I don’t do weddings, BUT I follow a few AMAZING wedding photographers & every amazing wedding session not only has gorgeous photos of the bride (in my case the 1st Brithday girl), but also of the details. All that went into making it a special day. Sure, a first birthday isn’t as extravagant (at least around here, maybe in LA) & you don’t tend to have “1st Birthday-zillas”, but tantrums can happen. 🙂 I focus on the details, the birthday boy or girl & their family. Yes, I try & get a few “overview” of guests, etc.. but my focus is taking the photos I would want for my daughter’s party. (or I got for Kylie’s, but I spent alot of the party with my camera in my hand & didn’t know as much as I do now) So, here are a few of the “details” that went into making Miss A’s big day, very special. ❤ ❤

Lake City, FL Family Photographer


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