{Time Flies………..Capturing the Moments} | Lake City, FL Infant Photographer | Lake City, FL Family Photographer

Recently, I have had quite a few “Baby’s First Birthday” babies. Whether it be one of my Baby Plan babies or a new client, there are new little one year olds everywhere! It always reminds me (as it does every mom, no matter your age) of when my girls were one. It doesn’t seem that long ago, yet, it’s been almost 2 years. For both my girls I had gotten at baby showers one of those “Baby’s First Year” frame where you put a newborn photo than a photo of each month of their first year. So you can look back & see how they changed. My how they change. Even from 1-2 they change is amazing (and still 2-3 and so on). Each year brings new adventures, new dilemmas, new fun. Learning moments for both child & parent. I just wanted to do a little blog to pay tribute to a few of those little newly 1 babes walking around. Thank you to their families for allowing me, choosing me to capture those special moments. Thank you to everyone for your support.


MelodyLake City, FL Family Photographer


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