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So, when I decided way back in August 2010, that I would “become a professional”, (i.e. start taking money for photos instead of doing it for free for friends) I thought to myself, “What a fun way to use my creativity, have fun & have a part time job from home to help out.”  I was naive. Last week, I was talking to a client who has been with me awhile & she said, “so this fun little part-time job isn’t so part time anymore huh?”. She’s right! To successfully run an at home business it has to be like a child. You have to spend hours on it each day, every day, weekends included. Marketing, SEO strategies, actually taking photos, scheduling photos, editing photos, delivering CD’s, prints, etc…. all takes time. And job, no. 1 is MOM. But, I still find myself every day (like now or instance) when my children are happy & not needing me to be working. Checking Google Analytics, or seeing where I place on different Google searches (no. 2 or no. 3 in quite a few of them, hooray!), editing, designing, etc… Then I have mommy guilt, go read books, play for awhile, feed them, etc….. (no gory details here) and hours later I am answering emails from my phone, going to my computer so I can attach a file to send off, etc…… Working.

My mind never turns off. It comes with the territory.  Had I known this almost 2 years ago would I have done it???? Maybe not (especially had I looked into how saturated my market is with photographers. That’s a whole other post, major stressor). Do I regret it? No, I love it, or at least the end result. Even if God decides I am supposed to go back to teaching I will still do photography (VERY much down scaled at that point, no websites, etc……). I do enjoy it. Seeing my ideas come to life, reading or hearing a client’s reaction, all AMAZING parts of the job.  Many of you who work from home, or have jobs that you do away from home, but still answer emails, calls, etc… at home know what  I am talking about. Which is why you have SCHEDULE family time .You have to FORCE yourself to go away without your phone, or at least not check your phone for emails etc (only use for family related calls). I am trying to do this. I am trying to have NO sessions one weekend each month. Granted, in March it’s only for one day (this coming Saturday), but it’s better than nothing right?

Everything in life is about balance. A balanced diet, a balanced lifestyle, balancing work & home. All balance. I am not good at it. I am not where near where I want to be, but each day I note something I need to change & try to change it. Hopefully, when my kids are grown they will remember the family times, not me working all the time. There’s my thoughts on balance & “un-part-time like” part-time jobs. 🙂



Now, a few photos of my girls flying their kites…Why? Because it was fun, all these are taken with my phone (I do not bring my camera everywhere, lol) & a photo blog should have photos right? 🙂

Lake City, FL Photographer ~ PhoneLake City, FL Photographer ~ Phone PhotosLake City, FL Family Photographer ~ Phone Photos


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