{It’s a Beautiful Life…Life is an Adventure} | Lake City, FL Family Photographer

I know yesterday, my blog was about juggling. But today, it’s just about life. The adventures, big & small that come with it. Traveling, moving, changing careers, getting married, all big adventures. One of the biggest of course is parenthood. A daily adventure filled with it’s highs (first time your baby smiles at you, laughs or says “mama”) & downs (hearing your 4 year old say, “I hate you! I want a new mommy” because you said she couldn’t play computer games anymore). Even outings, as simple as they used to be, with your children become an adventure.

This past Sunday, my sister & I took the girls bowling for the first time. The girls were both very excited & talked about it all weekend. They were happy to put on their bowling shoes excited to get a ball (& try to carry it on their own) & definitely excited the first time they saw it roll down the lane & knock over pins. Par for the course, there were some rough spots. My 2 year old didn’t understand she had to wait for her sister to take her turn & once Cayden saw the video game area (complete with skee ball), she kept asking to go play. Needless to say we only played one game. 🙂 Will we play again? Sure. I am looking forward to when the girls understand it more & can play, with patience (or at least more patience). Family fun. Needless to say, since it was a first, I brought my camera. I no longer lug it everywhere I go with them, but if it’s a first experience, I make sure it comes along. 🙂

Lake City Photographer

Life is an Adventure


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