{When God gives you signs…..} | Lake City Photographer | Lake City, FL Photographer

So, today was one of those days. When nothing is going right, nothing is working like I want. My plans when I woke up this am (of holding & reading to Kylie while Cayden was at school as I had no editing to do) quickly got shoved to the side when other things came up. I over extend myself. I know that. I have plans of pulling back & there are changes coming up the road for me. But some of those things I have agreed to do I am finishing out. I can’t quit. But I don’t time management well. I am awful at it. Good when I was working & had to manage my time from 8a to 4pm, but bad now. When at home all the mom responsibilities & other stuff keeps presenting itself. Over whelming me to the point of tears.

Then I found & read these two blog posts. The were perfect. Written for me. Yes I feel the need to work more (economy & all) & be everything to everyone, but I can’t. I need to be everything to my kids. I need to look at a slow month as a time to spend with my family. Not think, how can I book more? What can I do to get more likes, etc…..

So, if you , like me have trouble with all this & feel like a failure often as a mom. Read these two. They may make you cry, but help you get perspective.

Oh So Posh Photography ~ “Be Faithful in the Small Things”

The Power of Moms ~ “Your Children Want YOU!”

As it’s a photo blog, I will include a photo of why I need perspective……:-)

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One thought on “{When God gives you signs…..} | Lake City Photographer | Lake City, FL Photographer

  1. Wow, I loved reading your blog. I just surfed in looking for a wonderful photographer to capture special moments of my daughter’s 1st birthday. I would love to hear from you.

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