What would YOU do?? | Lake City Family Photographer | Lake City, FL Photographer

Every once in awhile I search Pintrest for quotes (& more of course) that help me see the brighter side of life. Sometimes life gets hard & just a simple quote can turn you around, make you smile & see the world in a different, more beautiful light. Today I found this…..

& I wondered to myself….”What would I do?” I would give more of myself. I would try more, do more. I would look without leaping into this business as well as life as a whole.
I would try dancing, singing, art….I would run. There’s so much I would do. But what is really stopping me from trying? The fear of failure? Is failure in these small things
really change your life.  Will I try out for Celebrity X Factor or American Idol? NO. Not for fear of failure, I don’t fear it I just know where my talents do & do not lie (plus, I
really don’t want to see myself on the Idol first episode outtakes as one of the those people so horrible……I digress. BUT I can try to be better at the things I know I have
some talent for. Making upcycled hats & clothes for my girls, photography, possibly even take the leap with learning & experimenting with things I was (am) afraid people
would not like the syle or the idea. But you never know until you try right? So, the question for all of you remains……what would YOU try? What will you TRY? What one
thing will you do that you’ve been scared to try? Why not do it today? Life is short. Live it beautifully & give it all you got.

Source: etsy.com via Lisamarie on Pinterest


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