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I had no idea what I was going to blog about today. Recently, the inspiration (outside of sessions of course) has not been coming to me. But last night something changed. See, lately I have had ideas floating about in my head. Dreams, “what if’s”, possibilities. Even though I had recently made a decision about my future (later post), I still think & dream. Read other photographers blogs, education blogs, tips & tricks, etc…. and the gears get going in my head. Sometimes it’s hard to stop them. This time it was about a workshop I SOOOOOO wanted to attend by a photographer I LOVE from Texas. Of course, I had to talk to the hubby about this as, with many things, money is involved. We are not rich. There are times we live paycheck to paycheck, like many nowadays. We discussed it, I listed my reasons, what I could/would gain, etc…. As usual, he told me to think (or pray for us) about it & revisit it later.

After that is when the whole “perspective” came into play. See, my hubby reminded me of something that put alot of my dreams, etc.. into perspective. He said, “when you started, didn’t you say you wanted to do this so that families could afford good photos without going to WalMart?”……………

See, back in 2010 when I finally decided to make the jump (though, I wish I had waited a tad bit longer & learned more about my camera, but hindsight’s 20/20), I knew many of my fellow “moms” were like us. One income families, by choice.  Therefore, the idea of spending $300, $500 or $1000 on family photos was no where near in the budget.  Lake City Newborn Photography


Since then, yes I raised my prices. Can everyone in the area afford me? Probably not. I am not WalMart. I hope you agree, that my photos are better than WalMart. I don’t want to be considered “cheap.”  When it applies to business & people that word is not flattering. I know that many professional photogs out there are aghast as I am ruining the market of sorts. But there are photographers new to the profession who are less expensive than I am. There are at least 30 “photographers” in the area (that I know of, probably more), so you have choices. I have to value my time I spend Marketing, at the session, editing, etc…. (not to mention taxes). Tie away from my family.  So, I make maybe $4-$5 an hour per session. Glamorous right? I do it because I love photography. I love my clients. I love photographing families & I love knowing I am helping people, who might not otherwise not be able to afford, quality professional photography. That is my goal, my mission as it were.  My husband helped me bring that into perspective. See if I went to workshops, bought all the props I dream of, etc…. I would have to raise my prices, which would mean I am abandoning why I started in the first place. Do I have room to grow & learn? YES!!!!!! Who doesn’t? But if I have to let go of those dreams in order to stay with why I started in the first place so be it. I will never be rich off photography, but I am rich in life. Which is all that matters. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “{Perspective……….} Lake City, FL Photographer | Lake City Family Photographer

  1. we love you and thank you for doing what you love… it shows. I think you have such an awesome natural talent for capturing families. thank you for all you do!!!

  2. Beautiful! And our session was such a blessing, thank you for all you did for us. We love our photos and the session was stress free (thats a miracle!)

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