{All Children Are Beautiful…….} Lake City, FL Photographer

So, originally my blog was going to be about something to do with my girls, focusing on them, etc…… But today I had the opportunity to take photos for a VPK graduation (photos of the cuties in their cap & gowns). As always, I chat it up with the kids as I take their photos. Try & make them more comfortable, smile, etc….. One little girl as I was lifting her to put her where I wanted her to sit said, “Sorry I’m heavy. It’s because I’m big.”

Now this little girl isn’t yet 5. She’s not obese or anything by any means. She’s a child. In my belief all children are beautiful. I believe what God said, “You are beautifully & wonderfully made” & that it applies to everyone. I try & teach my girls, we are all different & that doesn’t make anyone better than any one else, etc… We talk about differences, relate them to people we know, etc…

A few minutes later, I was adjusting her cap & she said, “it won’t fit because of my big turtle head.” I said, “your head isn’t big, these hats don’t like to fit right all the time” (which was true as many children had issues). She told me her mom had told her she had a big head. Now, do I think this mom was trying to be mean? No. Not at all. I think often we say things to our children (& other people), not meaning any harm or to hurt them. We all make mistakes. Say things jokingly or out of frustration that we don’t realize our children are hearing & taking to heart. But they do hear. They listen when we think they are not & we are shaping how they feel about themselves. I am not perfect on this.  I myself call my children “trouble” & such (I am trying to work on that). I do make a point to tell my girls how beautiful they are. How smart they are, etc… I think all parents should be telling there children these things, every day.

In this society, where so much is placed on appearance. Where pre-teens are battling anorexia, where much of the world wants us to believe unless you are a size 2 or smaller you are not beautiful, we have to work extra hard to make sure our children know they are beautiful. Just the way they are.  Boys & girls need to learn that we are ok as we are. However God made us. It’s great to want to be healthy, exercise take care of our bodies! We should teach our children the importance of exercise & eating well to take care of ourselves. BUT we should do it to keep us healthy, not because we are trying to please the world.



and another…..Letter from God to girls


And since this is a photo blog, here is a lovely photo of my girls & I….a couple mornings ago….looking our best, lol. (excuse the excessive grainy-ness…..hubby took the photo) 🙂 Lake City, FL Photographer




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