{A Giveaway I CANNOT pass up! So I will blog…. }

So, I have NEVER done a blog post to try & win a giveaway. Yes, they are often extra points, but I have never done it. BUT, there’s a time when something is too good not to do everything you can to win. This is that time.

See, an AMAZING photographer I have been following for awhile (& wanted to do an online mentoring with as I knew in person was out of my price range right now) started a giveaway. THE giveaway. The GIVEAWAY of ALL giveaways! Seriously. Crave Photography is doing a giveaway for an ALL EXPENSE PAID, in person, mentoring. That’s right, flight, hotel, food, EVERYTHING. That alone would be enough to make me shout from the roof tops & post it to you tube if I thought it would help me win. But in addition to that, she’s giving away a 50mm 1.4 lens. AMAZING, perfect for all types of photography, lens. I know I’m using the word AMAZING alot, but I can’t express how much I want this.

If you want, check her out on Facebook as well. You will look at her photos & know why I want to mentor with you. You can see within seconds, what I would be able to produce for my clients if I won.  My photography would be taken to a whole other level. I dream of this. It would be a huge blessing & well timed as yesterday I was looking at my current work & thinking of how to improve it. It would be a blessing as I am not a “high priced” photographer with a huge mentoring budget.

That’s it. My rave & blogged prayer that I win. 🙂  & since this is a photography blog I will post a photo…..(of my own, not stealing her work……….)

Lake City, FL Photographer


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