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Ok, so I am asked often about printing photos once clients receive their CD. I now make a point to tell them “DO NOT print your photos at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart or the like” & I direct them to a great online printer. Why? Because the color & quality differences are astounding! Don’t believe me? Check out this blog from a fellow photog.

So, I decided to take things into my own hands (kinda) & offer print packages WITH CDs. Now, I realize many of you read that & thought “Oh No! I now have to spend $500 to print my photos!”. NO, that’s not the case at all. Trust me, I wouldn’t do that. 🙂 These are small packages for slightly more than the current CD cost. No, I am not making a big upcharge, so it’s not me trying to make money from it. It’s me wanting to MAKE SURE MY CLIENTS SEE THE PRINTED PHOTOS HOW THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO LOOK. So that when you showcase them, frame them, give them away, they look just as wonderful as they do on my computer screen.

Now, what you are all wondering, the cost.

Current CD after a session is $60. (This will stay, BUT please lie & tell me you will print them somewhere good then not show me if you print them at Walmart ok?)

Option 1: CD (same 30-40 edited photos) PLUS (2) 4×6, (2) 5×7 & an 8×10 for $75. (see nothing scary & no this will not help me make enough income to not go back to teaching at some point)

Option 2: CD (again, same), PLUS all the prints listed above AND a 8×10 Printed Wrap for $110

There you have it. So, after your session (newborn & one hour session) you will have a choice of the 3 options above. So you can get PROFESSIONALLY PRINTED photos included with your CD. You get to choose the photos printed (**You will have a specific time period in which to do so, or I will choose for you), just like at “WalMart” only MUCH better quality. Great right? Not too scary either. 🙂

Thank you all again for your support!



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