Savor Those Summer Moments…… Lake City, FL Photographer

So, this week’s blog was inspired by two other blogs I found & thought were amazing.

See awhile ago I found the “Simple As That” blog & her amazing photo checklists.  I printed out the summer checklist (click here to get one of your own) and saved many of the others for future events.  See, photographers like to tell stories with their photos. Capturing details of different events or times in a family’s life throughout a session. I also like to do this with my own family. And the checklists made it easy (I’m all about easy) to not forget anything special during this time in our life.

Jacksonville Beach, FL PhotographerWell, I hadn’t really done anything with these checklists (other than tape it above my computer here so I see it every time I sit down).  It’s not that I didn’t want to, it’s that often when your job is photographing other people, you sometimes don’t break out the camera for the everyday moments in your own life. For instance, I didn’t even take my camera in Disney World in May.  Do I regret that decision? Yes. But I thought, “oh my phone will be fine”, then Kylie put on quite the show when meeting the princesses & now I have nothing but a few blurry phone images to show for it…….fail.

Last night I came across a blog from a fellow photog talking about failing as a photographer. It’s an amazing read you can check out here, but I will summarize.  Like many of us, photographer or not. We think, “Oh, this is a great idea. I will do it later.” and it never happens. Often these are small things that you don’t regret not doing, but sometimes they are big. In her case, she had always wanted to interview her mom & document a “day in the life” of her mom with her camera. With sessions, clients, kids, life…this never happened. Then she got a call from her mom about a “little test” she was having done. The test turned into Pancreatic Cancer which in a very short period of time took her mother from her. The blog is started right after she finds out & finished after her mother has passed. Life changes so quickly. You never know what’s going to happen. She did manage to capture her moms last day before going into the hospital with her kids, but it wasn’t like she planned. I encourage you to check out the whole article, but caution you to have some tissues ready.Jacksonville Beach, FL Child Portraits

Now, reading this blog motivated me. Starting today I am checking photos of my girls off my list. Enjoying time with them. Capturing the little details of this summer…the only one I will have with a 4 1/2 year old & almost 3 year old. Before school starts (Cayden will be in VPK) along with dance, possibly gymnastics & the business of life.  I encourage you to capture those moments & not put off things you want to do. Of course I do mean family photos, but the little things as well. Trips, little surprises, eating ice cream for dinner, painting with pudding, whatever it is you have thought about doing & haven’t yet done with your family. Do it now. Because you  may lose the chance & look back wishing you had made the time.
xoxoThank you all!


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Here are the Websites again I listed above….to make it easy. 🙂

Simple As That ::

Classy Kids Photography ::


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