Checking off the Summer list….. Lake City, FL Photographer

Recently, I did a post about these AWESOME photo checklists (for Summer, vacations, etc..) from Simple As That.

Well, mine sits above my computer….so I look at it often…I realized June is almost over & I haven’t checked anything off the list. So, yesterday I checked off 3 things. 🙂

Summer Photo Checklist

The girls were very excited to go swimming (& I wanted to be sure to help them remember their swim lessons, so we are going as much as possible). I knew there were a few checklist items involving swimming so I read over the list, found which ones I wanted to use & planned it out.  The girls had fun, we got rid of LOTS of energy & I captured some of those moments to remember forever. 🙂

Lake City, FL Photographer

Enjoying a Summer Treat

Lake City, FL Photographer

A day at the pool & splashing in the pool (check off two)


Till next time,




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