After the storm……a little summer fun Lake City, FL Photographer | Lake City, FL Family Photographer

The past few days have been rough here….LOTS of rain. Flooding, roads caving in….Many around us have water in their homes or surrounding their homes where they can’t leave. Some have lost their homes or their businesses. Times like this definitely increase your prayer life, but also help some of us see how blessed we are.  Each evening I prayed for protection for our home, our friends & loved ones.

This morning we woke up to a gorgeous day. The sun shining through 66 degrees & beautiful.  If you looked at our yard/street you wouldn’t even know a Tropical Storm had come through. I know many are not as lucky & I continue to keep them in my prayers. The forecast today is a slight chance of rain & high of 85. People will start to see the waters go down & begin cleaning up & returning back to “normal”.  We went for a family walk then my girls wanted to try & float their toy boats in the drainage in front of our house (which yesterday was a rushing river). With the gorgeous light I wanted to capture some photos of them. To always look back & remember how blessed we are. Lake City, FL Family Photographer


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