A Little Family Fun……. Lake City, FL Child Portrait Photographer | Lake City, FL Photographer

So, as many of you know my hubby worked ALL weekend….now, this gives me complete & TOTAL respect for any military wives as well as wives of Police & Fireman out there. I couldn’t imagine doing it on a consistent basis or for a long period of time. But like many stay at home moms (or Work from Home), come 5p when the hubby is supposed to come home you are ready. For adult interaction & a little help. Not that you couldn’t do it all alone if you had to, but you’re used to not having to. I know, I’m whining, I apologize. I know he was helping people & I know to value that.  























He being gone caused me to get more creative…..I HAD to keep the girls entertained for my sanity. So, we rode bikes, did side walk chalk & just took part in the summer fun before the heat got too bad. This week? The plan is LOTS of pool time. Apparently, when I have to I am creative with my girls & a more fun mom. Who knew? Hopefully even when we get back on a regular schedule & have the hubby home on the weekends (he’s on day 7 of working in a row) I will keep it up. Making memories. Because they won’t remember if the house was spotless, (hopefully) they won’t think mom worked all the time. Hopefully I can provide enough fun summer memories that those will be what they remember. And that they are VERY loved.  Lake City, FL Photographer

Anyone have interesting & fun ways to entertain their kids on a hot summer day? SHARE HERE! I need all the help & ideas I can get.:-)

Lake City, FL Family Photographer




























P.S The hugging photos? They did on their OWN. I was in shock. ❤ ❤


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