Firecrackers & excited faces…… Lake City, FL Family Photographer | Lake City, FL Photographer

I hope all of you had a wonderful 4th. Though I SO wish we had a pool to spend it in, we still have a relaxing day & fun with Fireworks.  This was the first year we bought small fireworks, sparklers, etc.. for the girls.  Let me say they LOVED it.  We saw alot of Kylie’s “excited face” (I swear I am going to have to do a least ONE shot when she’s a Senior mimicking this face….it’s her trademark as you know if you’ve followed this blog long).

Family Photography

4th of July Fun

We did walk to see the larger version, but the mosquitoes & the fact the girls were tired played a part into why they were not as exciting. Or they just like seeing dad & grandpa jump back after lighting fireworks.

Hoping all of you had a wonderfully blessed day!  Check back next week for some sneaks from a couple of fun Beach Family sessions!



Lake City Photographer



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