New Changes Starting August 1st :: {Lake City, FL Family Portrait Photographer}

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Well as many of you knew we went on a long family vacation last week. While traveling, since I wasn’t driving, I got caught up on all the reading I needed to do for my business. I tend to use my free time learning how to better my photos, customer service, time management & yes all the business aspects so hopefully I’m all legal & won’t get an audit (scary word for sure).

When I started back in 2010 I was a novice for sure. I had some raw talent, but hadn’t yet learned what I needed to truly capture timeless, quality photographs. With each session I had I learned more. Improved, bettered myself. I thank all you who have grown with me along the way. Watched me improve & grow. Even though I am not yet where I want to be (and I don’t think I will ever think I am done learning how to be better…when I decide I am it’s time to stop), but I have grown in leaps & bounds, including upgrading my camera in December.

Those who run their own businesses, or have family members that do have an idea of the costs & time involved in this. It is not the part-time job I thought I was signing up for. Everything takes time & money. Many of you may have compared my prices to others in the area. Now, I am more expensive than some (which by national standards is crazy) & less expensive than others. Do I think I am priced equally to my talent anymore? Well, to be honest no. BUT (you can let out that breath you just held in) this is not a “I’m raising my prices” blog. That may take place in January depending on where God leads our family. BUT there are changes. Since I am not raising my prices I have to do something.

So, AS OF AUGUST 1st, all images in any CDs will be sized for printing up to 8×10 sizes only. This means, you can take your CD to the printer of your choice & print as many 4×6, wallets, 5×7 & 8x10s as you like, BUT if you are wanting larger sizes you will need to order through me. Why? Well because the larger print sizes are consider more like art. And I LOVE photography & value my knowledge & want me art presented well. So, I want to make sure they are printed at the highest quality as possible. This benefits me & you. Colors will be spot on. Clarity will be best, as well as different paper options for no extra charge. Or you could do some of the new papers out there (Bamboo even) for a slight charge.

ARE MY PRINT PRICES GOING WAY UP? No. They are pretty much staying the same. So, this isn’t costing you a lot more than where you would print before, BUT it will be better. I have an AMAZING Canvas printer at awesome prices (edges won’t tear or show wear, I’ve seen some cheap canvases), your wall portraits will look like the art they are intended. The art that makes others walk in your house & admire the photos. Which is what you want. Gorgeous family photos to cherish now & for years to come.

Ok, now there is a second change. I will NO LONGER be offering 30 minute sessions on a regular basis. Why? It isn’t cost effective for my time. YES, I will still do the mini sessions in November, the Spring & possibly again next summer, but THAT’S IT.

Hopefully all of you understand & this isn’t too upsetting. I truly love & value all my clients. It’s hard for me to make any changes without alot of thought & prayer going into it.

Thank you again,


Don’t forget to see more about me head to the website Melody Coarsey Photography. You can also find us on Facebook & of course Pin It below!


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