Vince~ 18 months Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer | Jacksonville, FL Infant Photographer

 Last Saturday I met up with one of my favorite families. A family that has grown with me & I love watching their little on grow. I met them first for their maternity session.  Since then as I look through their photos you can see not only sweet Vince, but my ability grow. I look at their first photos & note what I “should have” done or how I could do a much better job now, but they are still memories. Wonderful memories of those special moments. I thank them for allowing me to capture those memories then & staying with me as a I grew. Jacksonville Family Photographer

We met to capture Vince at 18 months. A notoriously hard age as they want to go, go, go! 🙂 Parents always worry when their children are at this age for photos, but being on the move doesn’t mean bad photos. Though, it probably is more work for mom & dad. 🙂  Vince did great & when we wanted him too sat still the few seconds I needed to get the shot. By the end we were all hot & he was definitely worn out, but it was a wonderful session (despite the heat)! Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer

Thank you so much Fazzingo Family for again allowing me to capture your family!  Jacksonville Family Portrait Photgrapher

If you would like to see more of my work head to the Melody Coarsey Photography Webpage or like us on Facebook.



Jacksonville Family Photographer

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