A Day in the Life….. Lake City, FL Family Photographer | Lake City, FL Child Portraits

Earlier this year I had come across a post by a photographer who feels she never has time to photograph her children, but every year near their birthday did a “day in the life.” Where she photographed them all day long doing their favorite things & worked in a photo session at some point as well. I cannot remember who it was (if you know feel free to tell me as I will give them TOTAL credit for the idea :), but I knew I needed to do the same. Ok, so I don’t have an issue at this point with lack of photos, though I do take less than I used to (scary thought right?), but I don’t know if one day I will feel that way. If I start now, then at least I will be documenting the same way every year till they are grown. Or, that’s the plan.

So this past Monday, I set out to photograph Kylie all day long. From morning till bike rides at night. Now, this post would be SO long if I included all of them, so here’s from the photo session through bike rides only. (no need to see the bed head, or the fact she often spends her mornings bottomless) We even took a trip to an ice cream shop (her birthday themed is Ice Cream) for some ice cream. Though by then she was on tired girl. Even though I did the photos at 11:30a, not your prime time for photos. I still love them. No sleeping photos as she didn’t nap (though we tried) & of course, there’s one with the “Kylie face” she’s been doing since 3 months old.  My silly, sweet, crazy, fun, smart, pretty, talkative, mischievous, loving little girl. Who’s about to be 3.  Time goes by too fast. (be prepared, LOTS of photos)

Family Portrait Photography

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