Back to School! Lake City, FL Child Portrait Photographer | Lake City, FL Photographer

It’s that time of the year. When parents are excited (well, of older kids), classrooms are clean & ready, pencils are sharpened & everything is ready to go. Time to start a new year of learning.  For me, this will be my first year with a child going to school 5 days a week. Preschool. How is she already in preschool??? I know next year will be harder, though next month my youngest will be starting 3 year old preschool (which gives me 3 days a week with 2 hours alone! What to do????) which is just another sign of how fast time flies.

I knew I had to do a back to school session for Cayden. Something I can update year after year to document her growth & change. I will also do a shot of how she writes her name this year, but that will happen today at school.  That’s right, TODAY Cayden is a preschooler. Ok, if I keep thinking about it I will tear up some so I’m going to go ahead & quit while I’m ahead to post some photos of her. Lake City, FL Back to School Photographer

Time flies so fast. I encourage ALL moms out there to do 2 things. 1) have an annual tradition of photography (other than the boring school photos, ugh. So not looking forward to those.) to capture your child. Be it standing outside your front door before the first day or writing their name on a piece of paper & holding it in front of the wall. It doesn’t have to be professional, just something you can cherish & they can compare each year to show themselves how much they have grown. Kids love that. 🙂Lake City Back to School Portraits

2) GET ONE PHOTO WITH YOU NEXT TO THEM. Pass the camera off to another mom, or have dad take a shot. BE IN THE PHOTO. Did I take photos this day with me in it? Yes. Will I share them? No. I looked awful, but I’m there & they will be scrapbooked (or ordered in an album for this year as behind I am in scrapbooking) for our family. 🙂

That being said have a wonderful school year!! Don’t forget Fall is the busiest time for photography. So book SOON for your Family Fall Photos and Holiday Photos. I only do 3 sessions a week and I will BE BOOKING ZERO sessions after Thanksgiving weekend. A newborn or maternity? Yes, as those are time sensitive. A Baby Plan Baby? Definitely. But outside of those I will not do family photos as I will be focusing on my family during the holidays. Last year I wasn’t able to do this until we had an unexpected death in the family. Which is not the best reason to have quality family time during the holiday season. I learned to do better.

To book your session and find out more head to the Melody Coarsey Photography Website. Find us on Facebook and “like” us (yes, I LOVE when I see a new like. Thank you!).

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