{Look Who’s 1!} Lake City, FL Family Portrait Photographer | Smash Cake Sessions

Last Saturday I got to meet up with one of my Baby Plan Babies.  It’s always amazing at how quickly we reach their first birthday session.  How do they grow so fast??   His parents are friends of mine so it was even more fun photographing him this past year.  He has grown into the happiest boy!  Clearly a handful, but so loved & so loving! family portrait photographer

I am honored each time a family chooses me to photography their baby’s first year. They grow & change so fast.  I am even finished designing their album. I can’t wait till they get it & can easily watch him grow with this keepsake every baby plan baby receives.

family portrait session

Actually, I love photographing Baby Plan babies & watching them grow I’m working on another plan called “Next Steps”.  Photographing them from 18mos till 4 years.

We had a wonderful time at an awesome location (that I have permission to use again!). And after all the rain we have had it was a GORGEOUS blue sky day. 🙂

Child Portraits

It’s always fun doing a First birthday session. Walking or not walking. Curious & definitely the age that makes you act like a fool to get that smile.

Classic Portraits

And of course, smash cake sessions are messy & fun!  Aidan loved the cake, though he loved playing with the icing more than anything.  Stopping to give us smiles as he played. 🙂  Of course, after the cake we had the ever popular bath in the sink. Which gave me a chance for some baby bath shots. 🙂

Thank you SO much Barnes family. For allowing me to capture Aidan this past year. He’s a blessing as are both of you.



To see more of my work or find out how to book your smash cake session, head to the Melody Coarsey Photography website. To keep up with sneak peeks, giveaways, Mini Sessions & more head over & “like” us on Facebook!


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