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Newborn Photos

I LOVE photographing newborns. They are always so sweet, so perfect & so precious. Each time it I do it I get baby fever….bad (but, my 3 year old tends to take care of that quickly when I’m done). How can you not love your job when you get to look at faces like these??Lake City, FL Newborn Portraits

Sweet Evan was brought to me by his parents & they were wonderful. Didn’t get every shot we wanted (I don’t know why Newborns don’t just let you do whatever you want to them while they sleep soundly…I mean do they really need to eat??? note: complete sarcasm, lol), but he did wonderful. Such a doll & when he was asleep he was perfection.

It had been awhile since I had gotten the opportunity to photography a newborn (to see my last newborn check out her adorable blog post) & as always I was a little nervous, but he made the job easy for sure.North Florida Portrait Photographer

Though we wanted to fit him into the pocket dad’s U.S. Navy fatigues, he wouldn’t not sleep soundly after eating so we photographed dad holding him wear his cap. Still a darling photo.Newborn portraits

I just want to thank the Saperstein family for bringing Evan in to see me & thank Adam for his service to our country & Rosa for holding down the fort while he’s stationed away. I always have so much respect for military members & their families. It is a calling for sure & a selfless one at that.Newborn Photographer

To view more of my newborn work head to the newborn gallery at the Melody Coarsey Photography website. To see upcoming newborns, families, child portraits & more be sure to like us on Facebook!


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