{Addison :: 18 Months} Branford, FL Family Photographer | Lake City, FL Family Photographer

Lake City Child Portraits

A couple weeks ago I got to yet again meet up with a gorgeous little girl.  I photographed this doll from when she was 3 months old up until her first birthday (view her first birthday & more here on the blog!), BUT I hadn’t seen her since (he momma is making up for it with Fall & Christmas photos though, lol). I am always so amazed at how big they have grown. How long her hair is, how much she talks, etc…

Child photographer near Branford, FL

We met at their new house (soon to be) which I LOVED as I knew the tree lined driveway would be gorgeous. That morning it was raining & her momma got nervous, but the rain stopped & we had gorgeous light that evening for our session (the location BTW is where my Fall Minis will be this year, who’s excited?).

Lake City, FL Photographer

We played, ate (of course, food is a common bribe at this age, lol), played with bubbles & just had a wonderful time.

Lake City Child Portraits

Lake City Family Photographer

Branford Portrait Photographer

I simply adore this little girl & her family. I loved how excited she got when they told her that her bubba (brother) was on his way & how she waved (albeit naked & covered with bubbles) as he pulled up in his grandpa’s truck.

Bubbles Portrait in Branford, FL

Family Portrait Photographer

Such a doll & another of those sessions that reminds me why I do what I do & that I love my job. To view more of my work & find out the information to schedule your session head to the Melody Coarsey Photography website. To see all sneaks from upcoming sessions as well as announcements for Mini dates & more “like” us on Facebook! 

Thank you Barnes family for sharing her with me!!!




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