Who Am I??? Who are my Peeps??? Lake City, FL Family Portrait Photographer | Lake City, FL Portrait Photographer

So, in December when I have no shoots (after the 16th) not only will I be doing some family time, making memories & hopefully getting my 2012 scrapbook from last Feb to now (pretty sure those pages will not be well designed, but they will be there, lol)…I will be updating my website. Designing print materials & getting some ideas in order & in the works for 2013.  Apart of that, I got a new logo (check it out on the cover image of my Facebook page) & I am trying to make sure I am defining my company as I need to. I found an awesome blog series on how to do this that I am following from Holly McCaig. Her day 1 question was to define my business as a car….what kind of car (& of course I needed to make sure this car corresponded with the Target Market I was after….though she mentioned this particular car (& the awesome commercials that went with it) & I knew that was me. I’m not a Lexus or a Mercedes…one day, maybe but right now that’s out of my comfort zone & away from my peeps.

So, who are my peeps (aka clients, target market)?? Well, it’s all of you out there who can totally relate to this….mini van or not. (& yes, if I bought a mini van these commercials sold me on it, lol)




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