Christmas Craft Ideas:: 2012 Lake City, FL Child Portrait Photographer | Lake City, FL Family Photographer

My oldest LOVES crafts. Always has. She asks me almost everyday to do a craft of some sort…..(which lately, unfortunately I haven’t had any ready to make….but this week & next week that changes!) I always loved crafts growing up too & when I was teaching I loved doing classroom crafts & then when I had Cayden we started doing crafts of some sort I think at her 2nd Christmas (her first Christmas she was only 5 days old, so I decided to wait, lol). Since I needed to find some crafts to do at my house I wanted to share some of my faves that I plan to do this year. Many make awesome gifts to for grandparents & any family member who enjoys (or appreciates)  handmade gifts.  All these gifts have a link back to the directions, complete with all items needed. So, get crafty with your kids! I tried to pull things that are for probably the 2-6 year old set mostly, some are for all ages. Most need parent help depending on the age of your child. 😉

Kids Crafts

Christmas Bauble Ornament

1) Christmas Bauble (find all the info here) :: I can’t wait to do this…even though I know the mess may freak me out some, kids LOVE messy crafts & this one ends in a memory for the tree & definitely a great gift!

2) Stacked Cork Ornament (great gift for the Wine Lover…or if your a mom that throw get parties (we will go with that story, I promise….) & has lots of leftover wine corks! Find all the info here)  :: I’m going to be honest, I have some wine loving friends & family, so if I can gather enough corks I will be making this (Moms night in anyone, lol). 😉 .

Peppermint Ornament

Peppermint Ornament

3) Peppermint Ornaments (cute & tasty! Find all the info here) ::  I wanted to be sure to include some very easy crafts & if your kids like these candies they eat while they work!

4) Christmas Handkerchief (I know…not many men carry these around anymore, BUT if you have a grandfather that does, it’s great! Find all the info here) :: We may or may not be making these this year for the men we know who carry them….(I’m trying to be non-committal to not completely ruin Christmas presents, lol)

5) Recycled Ornaments (if you’re like me, you may have quite a few old Christmas cards…..this is a great way to reuse them! All the info can be find here) :: There are a few different ornaments to make so you have choices! Use them to decorate the tree in your kids room or as a way to ALWAYS have ornaments that your kids can hang on the tree (that you know won’t break).

6) Children’s Hands Cookies (For older kids. Preschool ages on up. Find all the info here) :: What’s better than cookies….& why not a cookie in the shape of your child’s hand for Grandma. Even better they can decorate the cookie “hand print” afterwards any way they choose (yes, Martha describes how to make it pretty, but what fun is that for your kids??)

7) Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments (these make your house smell AWESOME & are fun! Find all the info here) :: I LOVE these…mainly because a good smelling house makes me feel my house is cleaner than it is & because these are super cute. BUT, do not roll the dough too thin…or your ornaments will break because they are not strong enough ( I learned last year, lol)

Recycled Christmas Craft

Recycled Ornament Crafts

8) Cottonball Snowman :: No website link as this is TOO easy & perfect for the really young crowd. Draw a snowman on a piece of construction paper. Then give your little one lots of cotton balls. You put the glue on the snowman & they place the balls! A fluffy fun snowman craft for the little ones! (Can also do this with Santa’s beard for a little variation)

9) Reindeer Footprint :: Another no-brainer!  All you need is construction paper, brown paint, two google eyes, red pom pom ball & some ribbon. Just paint the bottom of your child’s foot brown & press it onto the paper. Now, with the younger set this is a little hard as you do have to hold it for a few seconds without moving, but I did it when Cayden was 2, so go ahead & try! After you get the paint on, let it dry. Then glue the eyes on, draw on some antlers (or you can use brown pipe cleaners, your call), add the red pom pom as a nose & add a bow! Then you’re done!  A cute craft to hang & date to keep forever! (I framed some one year as a gift to the grandma’s. Just got cheap frames from WalMart)

Hand Print Cookies

Hand Print Cookies

10) Santa Handprint :: Similar to above. Except you need red paint, white paint & “flesh colored” paint, google eyes & a cotton ball can add a little bit extra (as well as construction paper). Paint the 4 fingers of your child’s hand white, then the majority of the palm “flesh colored”, leaving some room to paint the top red & the thumb red! Then press their hand onto the paper. Let the paint dry then add the eyes, draw a nose & mouth, then you can tear apart the cotton ball to add something to the hat!  Another easy cute craft kids love (as they LOVE when you paint their hands & feet. Always have, always will, lol).

Well, there’s my top 10! For even more crafty fun you can check out the Parents website & Martha Stewart Living!

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Homemade design Handkerchief


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