Looking ahead to 2013…… Lake City, FL Family Photographer | Photographer in Lake City, FL

Photographer in Lake City, FL Can you believe it’s Dec. 31st? Tomorrow will be the beginning of a whole new year. A time where we reflect on 2012…what we did right & what we did wrong. For me it’s both personally & for my business. I LOVED meeting all the clients I have had the opportunity to photograph in 2012, as well as the opportunity to again photograph families who have been with me from the beginning (or even the middle) of my business life. I smile just thinking about how blessed I truly am. I am excited to see just what 2013 has in store!

As many of you know, I did do a price increase for 2013. Some of you may be upset, or wondering why or thinking some other things about it. I can tell you the short version of why it had to happen. One of the main goals for 2013 I am setting is trying to see if I can make this an ACTUAL business…i.e. profitable (not match what I would make teaching, just enough to value the time away from my family whether it be editing, Marketing or shooting a session). To actually be able to pay bills, save money (pay the taxes), allow my girls to do dance & gymnastics (or whatever hobby they decide at that time), cover my business expenses & maybe even cover the cost of education towards furthering my skills. I do believe my work has improved greatly (anyone who has been following me for any length of time will agree). I strive to provide quality, customer service & ART of your family to display in your home. Capture memories you can treasure. Capture your little ones as they are, being real, at whatever age they are currently. Photos you will be able to look back on & remember with a smile while you put together their Senior Memory Page or even the slideshow for their wedding. I LOVE photography. I LOVE my job….but my love for my job doesn’t override my love for my family, so I have to keep things in perspective.

I have MANY other goals for 2013. A workshop of course is one of them business wise, write more blog posts that are not just photos (like the “things to do” & crafts) & more personal goals like focusing on my family & actually enjoying my girls being with me most the day as next year my oldest starts Kindergarten & that time will be gone. Focusing on God to make sure I am following his path for me. As well as focusing on me (which every mom feels like is the worst thing you can do, but I have learned it is actually the best). I will take up running (which I hate, so cheer me on for that part), do something about the Meneries disease (either through God’s healing, steroid shots or surgery) & try to eat even healthier.

I may fail. Which would mean this July or August there would be a blog post about shutting it down (well, decreasing SEVERELY as I go back to teaching as I could never truly give up photography). It’s in God’s hands. Enough about me, I think all of you should look at more meaningful goals than just losing weight (the #1 Resolution in America)…..Write them as GOALS, not a resolution. Review them often. Make Family Goals & Personal Goals. If your children are old enough you can make the family goals together to try & hold each other accountable.  We will also be starting a “Blessings Jar” tomorrow. So that we can write things on paper & put them into the jar to review at the end of the year (or any time we need to remember how blessed we are). The big & little things (as to our children it’s all BIG things & I need to remember that too). You can call the jar whatever you want, I just like Blessings. 😉  No matter what 2013 brings, I will be blessed. I am blessed. For all those I have met. For all those I will meet this year. So, I wish all of you a VERY Happy New Year and a VERY Happy & blessed 2013!




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