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Ok, so truly I had NO idea what to blog about. My last 2 sessions were “no sneak peek” sessions, so I couldn’t use them & it’s not yet time to share some craft ideas for February (though that will come soon do not worry as Cayden is asking everyday to do crafts so I need to come up with a list for myself which I will share with you!)……then I realized. Friday morning I posted a shot on Facebook & Instagram from a book I am reading. A passage that hit home…..

Thoughts by Melody Coarsey Photography


I read it & cried. I knew what I had been doing wasn’t right (which, let’s be honest I knew for awhile & would change for a day or two then go back…..). My family wasn’t not getting the best of me. They were not what I was putting most of my time & myself into….Basically, all of me was work. Work or cleaning. That’s it…IF there was spare time I would hang with the family, but by the end of the day I was just wanting to rest….not play My Little Pony or Babies……I was being selfish. Now, I already have made some changes for 2013. I no longer shoot on Sundays (excluding sessions that had to be moved for some reason). But even if I shoot, I WILL NOT work. I will not blog, I will not check email, I will not answer phone calls (unless from that session) & I will not be on Facebook (except for maybe one post in the AM, that I will probably schedule to post the night before)…..I will be with my family. Hiking, going to the park, playing, whatever. But being there for them (after church of course). Another thing I am trying to do (& next week when Kylie goes back this will work better), is schedule posts on FB to post all day long without me actually being on the computer. What does this mean? Well, blogs, reminders, etc… will all post at the time I said that day so I can stay in contact, BUT all emails, etc… will be checked in the morning, once in the afternoon & again in the evening. That’s it. Not all day long. Afternoons will be spending time with my girls, crafts, & of course my “household” duties like cleaning, cooking, etc….

Another change? I am taking ME time more often. I am running at LEAST 3 days a week if not more. I will commit to a date night with my hubby ONCE A MONTH & hopefully a date with each of my girls alone once a month as well. I want to give my God, family & friends the best gift I can….my time.

But am I writing this to tell you all about my changes? No. Though they can give you ideas (like, on the days I REALLY have to work more than I would like throughout the day we will be using the timer. 90 minutes for mom to work, 90 mins to play with the girls & 20 minutes to clean (maybe), then repeat if there’s time. A good trick for any work at home moms). Whatever I don’t get done that day. I let it go. I am not perfect & hopefully no one expects me to be…except my girls. I want to expect it….& receive it. You are not perfect either. You don’t have to be. We are ALL perfectly, imperfect. We all make mistakes (& therefore, though relax a little if someones unplanned mistake affects you)….Another post I made should help us remember to cut each other a little slack (AND DEFINITELY OURSELVES) goes along with this.

Lessons for Life

Learn to LET GO. Learn to give your TIME to WHAT IS IMPORTANT. Many, many, MANY years from now when you are laying on your death bed…are you going to ask for your awards, diplomas, career successes & money to surround you? Or are you going to want your family & friends there??? THAT is what it truly important. And yes, we should all probably get off Facebook a little more….our moms survived without it…can’t we? (not saying I’m ending my account anytime soon, BUT I will try to leave it in other rooms when I’m supposed to focused on my family……key word try, lol…it may be a process)




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