How do I display my portraits as Art?? Lake City FL Family Portrait Photographer | Lake City FL Photographer

Do often walk by walls at your home & KNOW something needs to go there to make it better but you don’t know what? Or, you had an amazing portrait session, you LOVE your images, but have NO idea how to display them in your home outside of buying a few 8×10 frames from WalMart & hanging them?

Well a NEW OFFERING in 2013 is the ability to do an after session consultation with me. You can bring a photo of the wall in your home that needs something & I can give you options of how to make it amazing with your favorite images from your session! If you know in advance you are wanting to do this, you can even give me the image of the wall(s) before the session & then I will SHOOT IMAGES TO FIT THE WALL. Meaning, I will plan & coordinate images I shoot & how I shoot knowing the wall space they will fill. Colors & everything!

For example, you have a wall above a couch…that currently has a large mirror & maybe a candle sconce on either side….but you want more…..what about this?

How to display your family portraits

Or, the space above your bed is huge….& empty….you have no idea what to put there…..but maybe this can give you an idea…..How to Display Family Portraits in your home

With frames (including fabulous Luxe frames from The Willow Tree which means FREE Shipping for all of you lovely peeps) or Canvas collages. I can help you decide what images would look best, what size & what layout fits you, the space & the goal.

The end result….your favorite images are displayed as ART on your walls for all to see (which is so much prettier than on the disk I give you right?) and you didn’t have to do it alone!

To find out more & book your Family Portrait session (complete with an after session consultation) head to the Melody Coarsey Photography website!  To keep up with all things going on at MCP, giveaways, Mini Sessions & more be sure to “like” us on Facebook!




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