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It’s craft time! This would be my oldest’s FAVORITE time. One of her favorite things to do at home, at school, anywhere. Seriously, on her card she made me at Christmas it said this:card from my daughter

Which of course gave me complete mom guilt as during the busy season I was SOOOO not spending as much time with her or doing crafts with her. So, I vowed to change. Yes, I’m running a business from home. Yes, I’m taking 2 classes right now online with due dates each week. Yes until January 27th I am fasting with my church and of course…Yes, lately I have had ALOT of Vertigo days……so there may be a little “SUPER MOM” trying to come out in me to take this in, but I swore, once a week we would do crafts. Today being a rainy day (yeah, I wrote this yesterday, lol…I like to write a day ahead) would be perfect craft day time.

First, I had to think of some crafts. With it still being winter & living in Florida we do not get snow, I decided snow flakes to hang in the craft area & their playroom would be fun. These are super easy & you just need safty scissors & white paper. Done.  Then, I showed Cayden how to fold the paper & make cuts as she wants (I helped Kylie…..when she let me). After making all our snowflakes we hung them up using butchers twine (because my hubby has alot of it…we like to Rotisserie chicken, lol).

making paper snowflakespaper snowflakes

The girls loved hanging them (& telling me where each individual snowflake belonged). You can see them hanging in the shot below (& yes, that’s how our playroom looks most the time now as we are working on putting toys away when we are done with them….so far so good, lol). All in all a wonderful rainy day afternoon…spent with my girls….making memories. So, the best kind of day you can have. This post WAS going to include a 2nd craft BUT the Vertigo monster was creeping up on me, SO I had to scrap it. But family nap time is making memories too right??? Right???? 😉



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Snowflakes from paper


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