Miss Adley :: 10 days new Lake City FL Newborn Portrait Photographer | Newborn Portraits in Lake City FL

At the end of last month, I got to meet little Miss Adley….so beautiful, but when she got there she DID NOT want to sleep, lol. After some food & rocking from mama, she gave in & we were able to capture some wonderful photos. My first girl in awhile…I think since last April! I was so excited to use some of my new items. 😉

She was perfect & loved a few certain poses….she never cared what I did with her feet & legs, but posing her arms & hands caused a bit of a fight (you wouldn’t think newborns are strong, but they are 😉 Totally worth it. Absolute Perfection.

Thank you so much to the Wright family for sharing her with me.

To view more of my newborn work or to find out about scheduling your Newborn session head to the Melody Coarsey Photography website! To keep up with upcoming sneaks of newborns & more be sure to like us on Facebook!



Newborn Photographer in Lake City FL


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